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  • Smart Production Planning with John Deere TimberMatic™ Maps & TimberManager™

    Never lose sight of the forest with TimberMatic™ Maps and TimberManager™. To learn more about John Deere Forestry Technology Solutions, visit

  • Go full seed ahead with the new N500C Air Drill

    Introducing the N500C Series Air Drill from John Deere. When time’s short and you’ve got plenty of ground to cover, give the command with full confidence. Full seed ahead. The N500C Air Drill is the new name for no-till precision technology, greater seed capacity, and seeding more acres between refills than before.

  • The new N500C Air Drill: an inside look

    Discover how the new N500C Series Air Drill works to deliver no-till precision technology, seed capacity and seeding more acres between refills. When time’s short and you’ve got plenty of ground to cover, give the command with full confidence. Full seed ahead.

  • John Deere Z994R: Cross-porting transmission

    When you're mowing commercial properties in the heat of summer, you need a cool transmission. That's why we've installed a cross-porting transmission on our Z994R Diesel Zero-Turn Mower. This exclusive feature keeps the oil temperature cooler, especially on hillsides or slopes. For more, visit

  • John Deere Z994R: Operator station

    When you're mowing commercial properties all day long, you need to operate in comfort. That's why our Z994R has motion control levers with two fore/aft positions, a Brake and Go system, and an easy-to-use Height of Cut system. For more information, go to

  • John Deere Z994R: ComfortGlide

    All three seat options on our Z994R feature our exclusive ComfortGlide suspension. With ComfortGlide setting on, the seat works in the motion you are going. Which makes for a more comfortable ride, since the seat moves with you, not against you. For more, go to

  • John Deere SmartGrade™ Motor Grader

    Move more material, more efficiently with John Deere SmartGrade™ Motor Graders. The industry’s first motor grader featuring fully integrated, mastless, 3D grade control. To learn more, visit

  • Gen 4 Machine Sync and ISG Software Update 19-1

    Gen 4 Machine Sync automates tractor and grain cart positioning with the combine for easier unloading. Software update 19-1 improves in-field information sharing and documentation.

  • John Deere Operations Center Updates

    Now is the time to take another look at this set of online tools... helping you make more-informed decisions that can lead to higher yields, reduced costs, and doing more in less time.

  • New N500C Series Air Drills

    This new series leverages the best of the 1990 CCS machine it replaces… and incorporates proven features from our existing air seeding and planting systems.

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