Dawn 7772-HS-AIR

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This is the 2009 model unit w/ pneumatic down-pressure. Notice the deflection shield. It redirects the soil, ejected by the rear coulter, into the "Swirl" finishing tool.

A convenient hose routing, at the top of the parallel linkage, keeps your fertilizer lines organized.

The Pluribus now has a crumbler wheel assembly as a finishing tool. Soil is kept inside the strip with the "Lobster-Tail" deflector.

The Pluribus Strip-Till unit now has a slim-shank mole knife adapter kit.

With this kit you remove your tillage coulter castings and install the knife and closer assembly. Your existing gauge wheels will double as a gathering closer.

You can adjust depth with the small, orange-handled hitch pin. This pin also functions as a shear bolt.

This assembly is recommended for fall use only.


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