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In today’s farming, time is precious. We have big acres to cover, with a relatively short growing season. Our leading farmers have been waiting for a tool to help warm the soil and promote effective seed germination. The Pro, with its incredible tine penetration, not only rakes straw, but moves ground, blackening up the field, stimulating plant growth when it’s most critical. The Strawmaster Pro is a lot more than a big harrow.

It’s clear, farms are getting bigger and so is the farmer’s work load. The Strawmaster Pro with its up to 120’ working width makes short order of just about any field. Running at speeds upwards of 12 mph, with a machine weight near 50,000lbs, equipped with a 30” tungsten carbide Endura-Tip tine, simply does more. More acres, more tillage, more life. To build a 120ft machine is a challenge not to be taken lightly. Degelman’s break-through development of Hydralink technology is the key that allows for frame flexibility and field contour. The Pro not only has the ability to transfer the machine weight to each tine but does so in hilly conditions.

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