Degelman 7000 Series

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Keeping it Simple.

Minimal moving parts - Minimal Maintenance
The patented spring bar technology is at the heart of every Strawmaster®. The simple torsional spring bar design is unlike other heavy harrows, Strawmaster uses a spring bar system that lets you apply downward pressure to the harrow sections as you need it. These twin spring bars allow in-cab hydraulic control by applying pressure from zero to 1900 pounds per harrow section. If you don’t need pressure, just put it in float.

Patented Torsion Technology

Simply rotate the 8" x 8" beam hydraulically and apply more pressure through the spring bars. Strawmaster works the way you want it to.

On The Go Hydraulic Control

Optional hydraulic rephasing cylinders are available that replace our standard gear driven jacks. These cylinders help to synchronize the angle adjustment and provide consistent pressure for every section. (Available for Strawmaster 7000 standard models only)


Widths Available 30' 50' 70' 82'
Weight 7,700 10,295 12,917 14,158
Horsepower (min) 100 150 200 300
Horsepower (ideal ) 150 200 300 400
Autofold Wingback
Transport Width  14' - 7"
Trailer Frame  4" x 8"
Wing Beam  8" x 8"
Tine Section Frame  2" x 4"
Tine Spacing  5 Bar - 18" Centers
Main Cart 16.5L x 16.1
End Wheel 9.5L x 15 Highway
Transport 9.5L x 15 Highway - or - 82' Model: 11L x 15
Tine Sizes (Straight)  
Size Standard - 5/8" x 26"
Tine Replacement  Easy Drop-Out Tine Bar
Tine Angle  
Mechanically - 5° to 65° (individual gear driven jacks)
Hydraulically - 5° to 65° (with hydraulic tine angle option)
Hydraulic Cylinders
Standard All Models:
Main  3-1/2" x 31"
With Hydraulic Tine Angle Kit Option:  
Trailer Lift 3" x 8"
End Wheels 2-1/2" x 8"
Tine Angle Rephasing (incremental sizes)
Trailer Height Adjustment  
Mechanically - Heavy Duty Ratchet Jack - Standard
Hydraulically - 3" x 8" (with hydraulic tine angle kit option)

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