J&M Manufacturing NitroGro 5010

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The J&M Advantage
• 34” of crop clearance extends application window
• Automatic Transport Locks don’t interfere with the stroke control spacers
• Narrow Transport Width for easy field-to-field transportation
• Short Pin to Axle distance reduces crop damage
• Heavy-Duty Hinges with 2 1/2” Pivot Pins with greaseless poly bushings
• Unique Locking Bar allows you to unfold and lock the bar without leaving the
cab of the tractor (no locking pins)
• Larger Tool-Free Adjustable Gauge Wheels increase flotation and durability
• Single 7” x 7” Toolbar Frame
• Toolbar can flex to provide consistent application or be used as a rigid bar
• Transparent Tank for easy monitoring

Available Options
• Choice of Durable Red, Green or Blue Powder Coat Exterior Finish
• Flow Monitors
• Depth Control Spools
• Larger 3” Quick Fill Tube
• Ground Driven Pump (John Blue)
• Choice of Knife or Injection Fertilizer Delivery
• Raven 440 or ISO-BUS Controls


 Model NitroGro 5010
Tank Size 1,000 Gallon
Base Width 30'-0"
Ground Clearance 34"
Row Spacing* 20", 30"
Number of Coulters 11, 13, 15, 17, 23, 25
Coulter Style Grove Engineered Products (GEP)
Fertilizer Delivery Knife or Injection
Wing Flex Standard 8º Flex Up - 6º Flex Down (can be operated rigidly)
Wing Kick Standard
Coulter Frame Tubing 7" x 7" Toolbar
Hydraulic Down Pressure  Standard
Hydraulic Driven Pump Standard Ace Pump; Optional Ground Driven (John Blue)
Wheels 46" w/IF380/90R46 Firestone Tires
Transport Width 15'-0"
Transport Height 12'-6"
Transport Length 16'-8"
Pin To Axle 12'-0"
Flow Monitors Optional
Depth Control Spools Optional
Quick Fill 2" Fill Standard - 3" Fill Optional
Wash Tank Standard 9 Gallon Wash Tank
Empty Weight 10,500 lbs.
Tongue Weight Empty 2,700 lbs.
Tongue Weight Loaded 2,900 lbs.

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