SpeedTender Pro™ 251 and 451

SpeedTender™ Pro 251 | 451 Pro Box Seed Tenders

Redesigned for Maximum Seed Protection and Improved Performance

Introducing the new J&M SpeedTender Pro™ 251 & 451 models. Both the 251 & 451 are designed to provide greater seed protection and improve performance. The new models are equipped with a poly-cupped auger and patent pending "Bottom-Less Pit" auger design. This industry exclusive combination has proven to be gentle on your seed for minimum damage and maximum germination results.

The 251 & 451 models also feature steep slopes for a quick and complete unload. Each chute has an initial 45° slope that quickly funnels seed from the pro-box to the steep 32° sloped chute to deliver seed to the unload auger. The tall 16'‑4" auger height allows you to easily fill your bulk seed tank, while the 3‑stage telescoping spout enables you to reach the widest planter box. The low 4'‑2" deck height makes loading and unloading boxes safe and easy. While planting season doesn’t always go as expected, you can trust the J&M line of seed tenders to deliver your seed fast and gently to increase your efficiency and profitability.

Industry Exclusive "Bottom‑less Pit" Auger Design

Significantly Minimize Seed Damage

The Bottom-less Pit auger minimizes seed damage by positioning the intake area above the bottom of the auger to create a safe zone for seed that may not be initially transported up the auger. This safe zone allows the seed to avoid the bottom of the auger where grinding and cracking occurs before moving up the auger to be unloaded. Through extensive testing, the intake area is precisely placed to minimize seed damage and rival the performance found with more expensive round tube belt conveyor designs.

Low Deck Height

Safe & Easy Loading of Boxes

The J&M SpeedTender™ Pro 251 and 451 both feature a low deck height of 4'‑2". This design gives the J&M SpeedTender Pro a superior center of gravity and more stability during transport on uneven ground. The lower deck height allows the boxes to be loaded and unloaded at a safer height, making loading this process safer and easier.

Poly-Cupped Auger

Efficient & Gentle

The poly-cup interior flighting is cup shaped to gently and quickly carry the seed up the auger. In addition, the outer tube and flighting diameters are correctly sized to prevent seed from getting caught against the tube and cracking.

This design, in combination with the Bottom-less Pit, virtually eliminates the chance of cracking seed and gives you optimal performance for maximum germination rates when planting. This auger design rivals the performance of a typical round belt conveyor design, but without the inflated price tag.

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