J&M Manufacturing TF212

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Cross-Folding Wing Design
Creates a lower profile and narrower width for greater visibility, making farm to farm transport easier

Turn-Buckle design maximizes transport ground clearance... regardless of the hitch height.

Heavy-Duty Hinges
Hinge areas feature oversized folding cylinders, heavy duty over-center linkage plates and extra-thick, reinforced hinges with large 1 3/4” diameter pins.

Lighting Packages
Deluxe Light Kit with SMV Emblem.

Optional Wing Wheels
Optional wing wheels utilize phasing cylinders that allow the unit to lift and lower evenly.

Torsion-Flex Design
The offset dual basket design creates unequal downward pressure between the front and rear baskets. With less downward pressure, the front basket works the top of the soil and allows the baskets to ‘walk-over’ rocks and foreign debris and reduce the chance of washboarding, while the rear basket more aggressively penetrates the soil for maximum conditioning, residue and chemical mixing.

Double Twist Baskets
The new Double Twist™ baskets by J&M feature a 2 to 1 slat design, providing ultimate ground contact for smoother rolling. This reduces the chance of “wash boarding” and prepares the field for maximum seed to soil contact and germination. The flat end and open center design reduces the chance of rock, mud and debris build-up. The heavy-duty 13” or 16” baskets are made with tall, 3/8” thick steel slats for maximum durability.

Triple-Lip Flange
The heavy-duty flange bearings with triple-lip has a better seal and resists dirt and residue contamination in high speed, high usage applications. This bearing is standard equipment on all J&M Torsion-Flex conditioners but optional on some competitor’s models.

Upgraded Bearing
The heavy-duty GBGI bearing upgrade features a sealed, cast hub style housing with double roller bearings for extra durability to handle more side thrust and a heavier workload. The rubber sealed hub caps and 3 piece “v seal” are optimal for keeping dirt and contamination away from the bearings during high speed usage. Snap rings hold the seals in place while allowing the bearings to be serviceable at a lower cost than replacing the entire assembly.

13” Diameter Baskets

  •  Basket Design Consists of Eight (8), 3/8” Thick by 2” Tall Steel Slats
  •  Standard Diameter Baskets Produce Greater Rotational Speeds For More Aggressive Ground Contact - Ideal For Harder Soil Types
  •  Large Center Opening for Less Chance of Rock Collection 16” Diameter Baskets
  •  Basket Design Consists of Nine (9), 3/8” Thick by 3” Tall Steel Slats
  •  Larger Diameter Baskets Pull Easier with Less Horsepower and Float Over Soft, Sandy, Loamy Soils
  •  Larger Center Opening for Less Chance of Rock Collection



JM TF212 Specs

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