J&M Manufacturing 1112

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• 875 to 1,500 Bushels Capacity with 18” or 20” Diameter Bullet Auger
• Patented X-Tended Reach Folding Auger
• Three Position Upper Auger Design
• Storage Position (for Narrow Transport)
• Field Position (for Convenient Storage in the Field)
• Unload Position (for Maximum Upward, Outward and Forward Reach)
• Unique Auger Rest Lever Design for Easy Transition Between Storage and Field Positions
• Patented Side-Shooter and Hydraulic Flow Control Spout (Shown Without Removable Rubber Spout For Extra Clearance)
• Computer Balanced Augers (within 1 oz.) with Reinforced Super Edge Flighting
• Lock-n-Load Sensor and Solenoid Valve to “Lock” the Auger in Place While Unloading
• Heavy-Duty Drive Line with Over-Sized Gearbox
• Over-Running, Automatic Cut-Out Clutch for Maximum Durability
• Easy-Access Side Mounted Inspection Ladder with Compact Storage Design
• Heavy-Duty Jack Stand Assembly
• Graphite Coated Interior for Efficient Unload and Excellent Cleanout
• Bolt-On Bottom Tang Hitch
• Hydraulic Hose and Electric Cable Organizer
• Balanced Tongue Weight


Single Wheel Option 1112
Capacity 1,150 Bushels
Auger, One Vertical 20" Bullet
Unload Time (minutes) 1.9
Wheels (2) 30x32, 32x36 or 44x32
Tires (2) 900/60R32, 1050/50R32, or 1250/50R32
Hubs (2) 10 Bolt or 20 Bolt
Spindles (2) 6" Diameter
Tongue Weight 
Empty 2,900 lbs.
Loaded 4,200 lbs.
Total Weight (approx.) 13,500 lbs.
Walking Tandem Dual Wheels Option 
Capacity 1,125 Bushels
Wheels (4) 16x42, 18x38, 18x42
Tires (4) 480/80R42, 520/85R38 or 520/85R42
Spindles (4) 4 1/2" Diameter
Total Weight (approx.) 16,500 lbs.
Tracks Option 
Capacity 1,175 Bushels
Total Weight (approx.) 21,700 lbs.
Compaction Rate 10.67 lbs/sq inch
Compaction Rate LT Series 14.94 lbs/sq inch

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