Loftness Bad Ax (Skid Steer)

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Direct Drive

The hydraulic motor is directly mounted to the disc, providing 100 percent of its power to the job at hand, and eliminating the need for high-maintenance pulleys or belts. The Wrapflex polyurethane coupler offers excellent vibration dampening and requires no lubrication, which helps maximize service life.

Bolt-On Teeth

Quadco teeth are attached to the mulching disc using bolt-on mounts. These make the teeth easy to rotate, replace and remove for sharpening. The teeth are also reversible, effectively doubling their service life.

Adjustable Tree-Pusher Bar

Featuring welded claw hooks, the bar is used to push falling trees away from the power unit and positioning for proper feeding into the mulching head.

Dual Recutter Bars

Replaceable recutter bars allow the Bad Ax to cut material into a finer mulch for faster decomposition.

Anti-Wrap Bearing Protection

Close tolerance machined anti-wrap rings help keep debris from entering the bearing chamber.

Heavy Duty

Custom bearing housing protects large, 80mm roller bearings, which offer a high load capacity. Entire body and disc are constructed of premium high-strength steel.


The controlled discharge deflector directs material away from the machine, helping to protect the equipment and operator.


Rubber mounted pressure gauge allows operator to easily monitor capacity from the skid-steer cab.

Anti-Cavitation Shutdown Circuit

Integrated anti-cavitation shutdown circuit with hydraulic brake stops the rotor quickly on shut down without damaging components.

Universal Skid-Steer Mount

Disc mulcher easily pairs with a wide variety of skid steer brands and models.


Model 60BA
Cutting Width 60” (1.52 m)
Overall Width 67” (1.70 m)
Number of Teeth 42
Weight 3,080 LBS (1,397.1 kg)
Crated Weight 3,300 LBS (1,497 kg)
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow (Up To 5,000 PSI) 30-45 GPM
Hydraulic Horsepower Range 70-120
Piston Motor Max Hydraulic Pressure 5,000 PSI
Gear Motor Max Hydraulic Pressure 4,000 PSI
Disc Speed 1,150 RPM/200+ MPH (321.9 kph) Tip Speed

Specifications and data are subject to change without notice.

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