Loftness Battle Ax (Excavator)

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Battle Ax Rotor

The new 17-inch-diameter Battle Ax rotor features built-in depth gauges, which function similarly to raker teeth on chain saws to prevent the attachment from engaging too much material at one time. This unique design is more ideal for managing the amount of material being fed into the attachment than competitive ring-style rotors, which many operators find to be overly limiting.

Two-Stage Cutting Chamber

The Loftness exclusive two-stage cutting chamber provides some of the smallest particle sizes in the industry by cutting material twice. The primary shear bar is adjustable, so the clearance can be narrowed or widened depending upon the desired material size and production rate. From here, the partially reduced material passes smoothly to the secondary cutting chamber behind the front bumper, where it’s processed further before being discharged toward the ground.

Variable Displacement Piston Motor

The variable displacement piston motor is adjustable for fine-tuning performance on all makes and models of 7- to 15-ton excavators. It turns the rotor between 1,600 and 2,500 RPM.

Direct Drive

The hydraulic motor is directly mounted to the rotor to eliminate the hassle of drive belts and reduce overall maintenance concerns on the Battle Ax mulching attachment. It features a unique rubber isolation coupler to minimize vibration to the motor.

Adjustable Skid Shoes

The skid shoes are adjustable for cutting up to 1.5 inches below grade.

Spade Hook

The standard heavy-duty spade hook is a useful tool for positioning material to be mulched.

Machined Anti-Wrap Bearing Design

The rotor ends are machine turned to mate with close tolerance machined anti-wrap rings, resulting in minimal debris in the bearing chamber.

Steel Deflector Chains

Deflector chains are included as standard equipment to help minimize the amount of flying debris on the jobsite.


Model 31" Light-Duty 41" Standard-Duty 51" Standard-Duty 51" Heavy-Duty 61" Heavy-Duty
Cutting Width 31" (.79 m) 41" (1.04 m) 51" (1.3 m) 51" (1.3 m) 61" (1.55 m)
Overall Width 64" (1.55 m) 77.5" (1.97 m) 87.5" (2.22 m) 87.5" (2.22 m) 97.5" (2.48 m)
Number of Teeth 18 20 26 26 30
Weight (without mount) 848 LBS (385 kg) 1,478 LBS (670.4 kg) 1,666 LBS (755.7 kg) 1,892 LBS (858 kg) 1,854 LBS (841.0 kg)
Crated Weight 920 LBS (417 kg) 1,603 LBS (727.1 kg) 1,791 LBS (812.4 kg) 2,016 LBS (914 kg) 1,979 LBS (897.7 kg)
Hydraulic Horsepower Range 20-50 Hydraulic HP 30-100 Hydraulic HP 40-100 Hydraulic HP 40-100 Hydraulic HP 50-100 Hydraulic HP

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