John Deere AC1-CG16H Portable Compresserator

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    • 196cc Honda OHV industrial engine
    • 1600/600 watts rated output
    • 11.6 cfm @100 psi
    • Portable
    • Splash lubricated aluminum crankcase
    • Aluminum head for heat dissipation
    • Large canister intake filter
    • 12 in. fly wheel for extra cooling and longer life
    • Power-coated, 8 gallon, twin tank receivers
    • Convenient lifting handles
    • 7 gauge base plate to reduce vibration
    • Pneumatic tires with tubes and steel hubs
    • Manual drain valves for proper maintenance
    • Engine oil drain
    • Brushless 120V alternator
    • Electric start option (does not include battery or cables)
    • - Part Number AX-0019


Manufacturer John Deere
Model AC1-CG16H Portable Compresserator
Manufacturer  John Deere  
Model/Part No.  AC1-CG16H  
Pressure (psi)  100/125  
Flow (cfm)  11.6/10.9  
Continuous on load output  600 watts  
Continuous off load output  1,600 watts  
Alternator type  Brushless  
Power source  Honda OHV  
Displacement  196cc  
Compressor  Single stage  
Cylinder  Cast iron  
Crankcase  Aluminum  
Head  Aluminum  
Lubrication  Splash  
Flywheel  12-in.  
Regulator  Yes  
Tank pressure gauge  Yes  
Regulator pressure gauge  Yes  
Control system  Idle control with continuous run  
Drain valves  Yes  
Design  8-gal. twin tank  
Shipping weight  257 lb.  
Limited warranty  2 years  

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