Stihl Products OILOMATIC® STIHL RAPID™ Super L Klassic (RSLK)

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The STIHL RAPID™ Super L Klassic is a variation of the Klassic full-chisel chain for special professional applications. It differs from the standard STIHL RAPID™ Super Klassic in the way the cutter is ground. The cutter on this chain is square-ground and has an “L” shape, hence the name Super “L.” The razor-edged, square-cornered cutter shape ensures minimum chain friction for an exceptionally smooth and clean cut in hard or frozen wood. It offers excellent cutting and plunge-cutting efficiency. RSLK chain typically cuts faster than RM chain, but requires careful sharpening and maintenance to continue to perform well.

Applications: Ideal for use in the forestry industry for felling, bucking and limbing on medium to high-powered chainsaws. These aggressive cutting chains are designed for trained professional cutters with extraordinary cutting needs.

STIHL recommends using low-kickback, green-labeled chain and green-labeled reduced-kickback bars on all powerheads.


OILOMATIC® STIHL RAPID™ Super L Klassic (RSLK) Specifications
SAW CHAIN GAUGE 0.050" 3/8" Pitch - Part #3640
SAW CHAIN GAUGE 0.063" 3/8" Pitch - Part #3641

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