Automotive Batteries

r4a000244 performance 764x302

Long lasting batteries for your vehicle

Get high-performance starting power in all climates and conditions. Superior grid and plate designs withstand under-hood temperatures and extend the life of the battery. These maintenance-free batteries are also available in conventional dual terminal, universal-fit configurations.

nmb roadgard 146x118RoadGard™

  • Improved resistance to overcharging
  • Low maintenance—no need to add water during normal service life
  • Unique lead alloy formula offers superior resistance to grid corrosion
  • Superior reserve capacity
  • Full frame cast grid increases strength and durability
  • Dry-charged for the freshest battery at time of sale


nmb performance 146x118Performance

  • Heavy-duty poly containers
  • Hot-melt installation protects against vibration damage
  • Through-the-wall, welded intercell connectors provide quick starts and increase power in extreme conditions
  • Envelope separators eliminate electrical shorts and prevent corrosion
  • Heavy-duty grids provide enhanced durability


nmb strongboxagm 146x118StrongBox™ AGM

  • Extra-Heavy straps create superior conductivity, strength, and durability for long battery life
  • Heavy cast grids for superior quality and durability that ensure long, trouble-free battery life
  • Flat-plate absorbed glass mat means no free-flowing electrolyte will leak from the battery
  • Six-valve isolated design allows gas to escape in the event of an overcharge without compromising seal quality
  • Through-the-partition intercell welding ensures ultimate conductivity and resistance to vibration

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