Degelman. Engineered Tough.

We focus on support and make the experience of owning a Degelman unlike any other. We are a well established company, with deep roots in the agricultural industry. We take exceptional pride in what we do, and manufacture every piece of equipment with extreme focus and care.

We go above and beyond, like the marks you’ll find on our equipment to show the torque has been done right, and creating easy to follow quick start manuals, so you’re ready to roll on a Sunday morning. We make all of our products with the farmer’s needs in mind.

Over the last 6 decades, there have been great advances in technology, but the foundation of Degelman remains the same: build simple, heavy, reliable equipment, that will last for generations. We choose to innovate rather than imitate, and work hard to remain an industry leader. Wilf truly said it best: “Build it right, build it heavy and build it to last-from top to bottom”.

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