Field and Water Management

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John Deere - Mobile Weather

  • Confidently apply crop protectants according to label requirements by knowing the current weather conditions including wind speed, wind direction, and humidity.
  • Improve recordkeeping and compliance reporting by documenting weather conditions during application
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Surface Water Pro™ Plus

  • Map subtle changes in elevation across the field in Survey Mode. Use this data to create ditches to enhance field drainage and maintain crop yield
  • Prevent crop loss due to drowning by creating ditches in the field using either a linear drain profile or a “best-fit” drain profile
  • Create field levees by following the calculated levee tracks based upon elevation survey data and using AutoTrac in subsequent passes to create parallel levees
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  • Automate scraper adjustments to form land based upon water management software recommendations
  • Take advantage of plane control, grade control, and cross-slope compensation to achieve desired land forming results
  • Utilize horizontal RTK level accuracy without the need for additional laser guidance corrections

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