Dawn Equipment

Forging the Future of Farming

Dawn Equipment, a family owned company in Sycamore, Illinois, has a reputation for responsive customer service and American-made quality products that goes back to its earliest beginnings more than two decades ago. Those beginnings were in a friendship that Jim and Margaret Bassett made in a local church. Steve Faivre knew Jim had worked in engineering for Deere, and asked him to do some drawings of a T-shaped knife for ridge till applications. This first step set the stage for the Trashwheel and Dawn’s entry into the burgeoning field of no-till farming. Dawn’s pattern of quick responsiveness to the changing needs of American farmer was established with that first design initiative – a specific tool to meet a new way of tillage. And Dawn remains that company where dealers and farmers can call for advice or to complain when a product encounters problems. Dawn continues its commitment to innovation, to customer service, and to active response to the changing needs of America’s farmers.

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