PV18 PTO Dump Catcher – Utility Tractors

PV 30 Dump catcher 600x463DUMP CATCHERS with PTO blower for utility tractors

PV18 – 18 cu ft/14.5 bushel DFS catcher
PV30 – 30 cu ft/22 bushel DFS catcher

Our powerful PTO blower converts a 540 RPM tractor to spin our large steel fan over 3000 RPMs. The blower canister comes with a bolt in steel liner to protect the housing.  The whole system comes off in seconds using the standard 3 point pins or quick hitch. Our PTO Stand is a set of quick attach caster wheels that allow the catcher to be removed with ease and makes moving the catcher in your garage or shop very simple. For tractors with cabs, our hydraulic dump kit allows the operator to stay in the cab while dumping.



PV18 Dump Catcher – Zero-Turn Mowers

pv18 09The PV18 Lawn Vacuum Catcher holds 14 1/2 bushels. The collection system offers efficient material reduction and high capacity. The wedge shape of the PV 18 only adds 20 inches of length to most mowers. The dump lever is easy to pull and gives a secure and positive spring-like feel when the door is latched and locked into place. The improved tubular frame offers increased strength for demanding conditions



Pro Vac 230

protero pv230 lawn vacuum 001Pro Vac 230 is the perfect vacuum collection system for commercial walk behinds and surfers. It comes with two 30-gallon containers for capacity of 7 bushels.



Pro Vac 232

protero pv232 lawn vacuum 001Pro Vac 232 is the perfect vacuum collection system for commercial zero turns for one-step bag collection. It comes with two 30-gallon containers for capacity of 7 bushels.



Pro Vac 332

pv332 on gravely 260z 600x600The PV 332 lawn mower bagger fits larger zero turn mowers (52″-72″ decks) The PV 332 holds 14 bushels in three 30-gallon containers.



Commercial Blower

protero commercial blower 011 600x600As a leader and innovator in commercial leaf vacuum equipment, we at Protero are dedicated to providing our customers with the best products possible. Whether you are searching for a commercial grass catcher or commercial blower you can take comfort in knowing that we’ve put our all into ensuring that each and every one of our customers are happy with our work.

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