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Bulk Feed Bodies

bulkfeedbodiesThe main features of these units are: all aluminum construction, extruded side stakes, extruded crossmembers and longsills, 100 percent welded construction, moveable load dividers, various roof configurations and pneumatic or auger discharge systems.


Bag Bulk

bagbulkFor many years the Walinga line of all Bulk Feed Delivery Units have been the equipment of choice. These units allow the operator maximum load capabilities, minimum weight to strength ratio, and of course our guarantee of low maintenance requirements.


Dump Trailers

dumptrailersSince 1954 Walinga Inc. has been manufacturing various types of Bulk Commodity units. In this time we have come to understand the needs of this industry. The Walinga line of Bulk Commodity trailers gives you maximum payload and minimum weight to strength ratio and of course, our guarantee of low maintenance requirements. As you will be able to see in the following pages, the option and features of the Walinga Bulk Commodity units are numerous. So, please take the time to flip through these pages to see how we at Walinga can help you in your quest to increase production, performance and efficiency.


Waste Management

wastemanagementFrom the day we produced our first Waste Management units we have been committed to an ongoing program of research and development.

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