John Deere Pistons and Rings

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You can't see the difference, but your engine can.

Some manufacturers claim their engine parts meet or exceed John Deere specifications. However, these look-alikes cannot compete with the continuous technology improvements of genuine John Deere parts. Even though the differences might be small, the advancements make a big difference in retaining the performance and reliability of John Deere engines.

If you work your engine, don't take a chance on just any piston. The lowest cost of ownership comes from doing it right the first time. John Deere pistons and rings are built to withstand the heat and force of engine combustion.

Bore offset

John Deere offsets the bore hole for the wrist pin slightly off-center. This decreases the impact of the piston skirt on the liner and increases service life by reducing drag, mechanical stress, vibration, and liner wear.

Fiber-reinforced piston bowl

John Deere incorporates a fiber-reinforced ring into the lip of our piston bowl for better, more durable performance. The ring is constructed using high-alpha alumina fibers, which provide more than twice the yield strength of aluminum alloy and increase the operating pressure and temperature range without the risk of cracking.

Bowl lip design

John Deere optimized the shape of the piston bowl to more quickly dissipate combustion heat through the oil surrounding the piston — improving your engine’s reliability, durability, and uptime.

Piston rings

John Deere piston rings are designed to last the entire life of the power cylinder. Thick phosphate coating on a John Deere piston ring significantly reduces surface wear and provides continued sealing. A worn seal increases fuel and oil consumption and power loss.

Pre-assembled piston liner kits

Because John Deere kits are pre-assembled, you get peace of mind, performance, and reliability.

  • Eliminates the chance for broken or improperly installed piston rings, which can cause power loss, oil consumption, and excessive wear, leading to seized pistons and potentially premature engine failure
  • Reduces overall costs — no additional labor or special tools required to assemble the individual components

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