John Deere Reman Air-Conditioning Compressors

ac compressor 522x302

John Deere Reman Air-Conditioning Compressors are remanufactured using stringent processes to ensure performance equal to like new components. All compressors are completed disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, and inspected. New parts are installed and every component is fully tested to meet or exceed new operating specifications

Key Benefits of John Deere Remanufactured Air-Conditioning Compressors:

  • Reduces customer downtime by providing an exchange compressor.
  • Provides a cost competitive product compared to outside supplier rebuilding options.
  • Savings of 30-35% compared to a new component.
  • Provides known repair costs up front.
  • Provides a one-year, unlimited-hour parts, labor and consequential damage warranty if dealer installed.
  • Provides a product to John Deere quality specifications using only genuine OEM parts and approved remanufacturing processes.


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