John Deere Reman Engines

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The John Deere Reman line of complete block assembly engines are designed in response to customer demands to minimize downtime and provide a low-cost repair alternative. All John Deere Reman complete block assembly engines are built and tested to provide you with the same John Deere quality you are accustomed to.

Key Benefits of John Deere Remanufactured Engines:

  • Reduce customer downtime: up to 50-percent or more when compared to an overhaul.
  • Provides a cost competitive product compared with outside supplier rebuilding options or dealer overhauls.
  • Provides known repair costs up front.
  • Provides a one-year, unlimited-hour parts and labor warranty if dealer installed.
  • Provides a product remanufactured to stringent John Deere quality specifications using only genuine OEM parts and approved remanufacturing processes.
  • Remanufactured, not rebuilt to the point of failure.


When reduced downtime, higher quality, known repair costs, and company product support are important to you, look to John Deere Reman products for all your remanufactured component service solutions.

Configuration Chart

CompleteBasicComplete Block AssemblyShort Block
Major Components        
Cylinder Block x x x x
Balancing Shafts as Appropriate for Model x x x x
Crankshaft x x x x
Connecting Rods x x x x
Pistons x x x x
Camshaft x x x x
Front Gear Train x x x x
*Cylinder Head, Valves, Valve Springs, Valve Keepers, Rocker Arm Assembly, Valve Cover xxx xxx xx  
Fuel Package (Pump, Lines, Nozzles & Filter) Air Package (Aftercooler, Turbocharger as Appropriate for Model) Intake & Exhaust Manifolds xxx   *  
Pumps and Accessories        
Oil Pump Assembly x x x  
Oil Cooler x x    
Oil Pan x x    
*Oil Filter Housing and Filter Water Pump xx xx    
Front Plate as Appropriates for Model x x x  
Front Plate Cover x x    
Vibration Dampener x      
Gaskets and Seals        
Gasket Kit x x x x
Front & Rear Seals x x x  
Rear Seal Housing (6081 applications only) x x x  
Tan Paint Based on Application x      
Green or Yellow Paint Based on Application   x    
Black Semi-Gloss Paint     x x

*The S250 (5030 & 4024 engines) CBA is also offered in a configuration that includes the integrated fuel system and does not include the oil pump.


*Each configuration is not available for all applications.

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