Simple Parallel Linkage Opener for Inter-Seeding and More


Duoseed pic 1

A Perfect Blend of Price and Performance
Our objective when we set out to design the DuoSeed is to make the best product for the money, period. The DuoSeed features airbag down pressure, a parallel linkage, and replaceable bushings. It is narrow and can be used on spacings as small as 7.5"




Duoseed pic 2

True Vee Design with Easy Depth Adjustment
Just lift and turn the handle to make precise tool free adjustments to the depth, from 1" to 3.25" deep. The angle on the double disk opener blades is narrower than a planter for less soil disturbance. The simple scraper arms hold the soil down to prevent the furrow from being blow out in soft conditions




Duoseed pic 3

Universal Opener
The DuoSeed can be used for side dress and as an applicator for dry and liquid products





Duoseed pic 4

Configure for Your Conditions
The most common setup is two rows between 30" rows, but you can create any configuration you want. This could be 3 rows between 30" or 4 rows between 36" rows as seen here





Duoseed pic 5In Northern Climates, Inter-Seeding is Almost a Necessity If You Want to Roller Crimp

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