Flexible Roller Crimper for post plant and full width Roller-Crimping

InRowl pic 1

A lot of farmers want to plant soybeans before the cereal rye cover crop has matured to the point where you can roller-crimp. In response to this requirement we created the InRowl

The InRowl is made so that the rows of planter crop will fit between the rollers. Then there is a deflector plate that channels the cover crop away from the planted crop and into the roller.



InRowl pic 2

InRowL is Flexible
Like the ZRX, the InRowl features adjustable hydraulic pressure and fits a variety of toolbar sizes. We also make it in a variety of widths, 15" to 40". In fact we also make setback spacers that allow the InRowl to be used as a full width roller with overlapping sections



InRowl pic 3

Hydraulic Pressure Control
Adjust the pressure on the roller from 0-700 lbs instantly. This is important because in some situations the operator will want to simply crimp the cover material and in others it might be desired to cut all the way through it. People even use the InRowl as a weed control device in organic perennial cover crop systems!



InRowl pic 4

Multiple Blade Configurations
All InRowl units produced today have a removeable blade made from a hardened, sharp material. This sharp blade can be removed to expose a blunter crimping blade, which is still made out of tough AR400 steel

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