Simple and High Performance Strip-Till and Strip Freshening



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High Performance, With Simplicity

Not everyone wants or needs the features and performance of the Pluribus V. The PluriLite is a simple and effective seed bed preparation tool. It weighs around 500 lbs and has pneumatic down pressure control on the coulters and the floating row cleaner. It typically runs 3-4" deep and can be used in the fall or spring, as a primary strip tillage device or as a strip freshener



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Makes a Great Strip to Plant Into

Makes a nice, loose strip, placing the fertilizer right where it needs to go.






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Heavy Duty Features

The heavy duty parallel linkage features replaceable bushings. The coulter hubs use the same heavy duty tapered roller bearings as its big brother the Pluribus V. The blades are smaller, and are 16", reducing down pressure requirements. The row cleaner is a trailing arm design with adjustable air pressure control



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Multiple Fertilizer Options

Fertilizer meter and fan assemply designed to keep up with the high speed performance of the Pluribus V Row Unit

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