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Manufactured and assembled in the USA, the Cfx opener is composed of premium quality drop-forged and cast components.

Its construction makes it the most durable, yet reliable coulter currently available for your row crop planter.


Although the Cfx employs some intricate mechanisms, it is actually quite easy to use.

There is a spectrum of control options for the Cfx ranging from very straight-forward in-cab manual control options, to control with your mobile device, to fully automated, and integrated controls that interface with a range of additional hydraulic tools for your planter, such as the Gfx row cleaner, or the Rfx down force system.

Capability -

The Cfx is narrow enough to fit on most modern row crop planters. It will even fit on many narrow planters like the 1770NT.

The gauge wheel of the Cfx features a 2° angle at the bottom, preventing mud build-up inside the gauge wheel by hugging the leading edge of the blade, while still allowing material to spill out rearward.

The Cfx is equipped with the Rfx Hydraulic down force actuator, and is able to apply up to 400 lbs of down force. This allows the Cfx to maintain a consistent depth of up to 4.5in.

Hybridization -

One of the most troublesome issues of single disk fertilizer openers is the fertilizer boot.

It seems no matter how it is configured, residue manages to get pinched between the blade and the boot.

The Cfx provides a resolution to the problem by placing a second blade on the same spindle (a small flexible blade running in the shadow of the primary coulter).

This provides the protection of a double disk opener, without the additional power requirements, and wide geometries of the familiar
double disk fertilizer opener.

Fertilizer Attachments-

Both the liquid and granular fertilizer attachments bolt to the same central fixture.


CFX Dimensions

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