Combine Header Transport Trailers


Demco header transports have become the standard in the industry to help you transport your large, heavy, and expensive combine headers. Ranging from 20' up to 48', the standard tri cycle front end and torsion axles offer straight and smooth towing. With the investment you have in today’s equipment, you can count on the Demco header transport with the original tri cycle design to allow maneuverability and reliability second to none in the industry.

There are many imitators to the tri cycle design of header transports, but the clear leader is Demco. Demco's unique design offers the quality and durability to withstand the heaviest of loads. Whether you are looking for a storage transport or a transport to travel across the country, Demco has your needs covered.

Available in standard, heavy-duty, and all-wheel steer variants, Demco header transports are a durable and affordable way to transport combine heads for fields both large and small. With torsion axles on the front and rear, and tricycle front ends or all-wheel steering options, you can expect safe and smooth transport from the farm to the field and back when you add a Demco transport to your lineup.

Our smaller and lighter trailers feature one rear axle for increased maneuverability and decreased bulk, while our larger and heavy-duty trailers come with dual rear axles for strength and durability. For the ultimate in turning radius, the Demco AWS model offers unmatched clearance and a short turning radius for the tightest spaces and jobs.

Standard Header Transports

With models ranging from 20' to 48', Demco standard header transports are a great way to safely and efficiently transport your combine heads. Sold in three main types -- 20', 24' and 28'; 32' and 38'; as well as the larger 42' and 48' models -- our header transports come standard with torsion flex front and rear axles (tandem rear available), a tricycle front axle to enhance maneuverability, LED lighting with a 7-pole RV plug, 225/75R15 load range E import tires, black rubberized undercoating, adjustable tie downs, a telescoping tongue with a Clevis and 1" hitch pin, as well as adjustable slider brackets. With various upgrade options available, as well as additional options to add fenders, spare tires and brackets, a Demco header trailer can adapt to whatever you need for a hard day at work.

Heavy Duty Header Transports

For those with larger combine headers from 32' to 48', a Demco heavy duty header transport is up to the task. Featuring 7K torsion flex axles, a front tricycle axle for easy handling, brakes on both single and double rear axles, DOT lighting with a 7-pole RV plug, 16" ST 235/80R16 load range E tires on an 8-bolt hub, black rubberized undercoating, front and rear fenders, a horizontal rear bumper, adjustable tie downs, a telescoping tongue with 2-5/16" ball hitch, adjustable slider brackets and a GVW of 20,000 lbs, a Demco heavy duty trailer kit won't let you down. Upgrade options include electric brakes, front braking and various telescoping tongues, as well as a spare tire and additional brackets, tie-downs and rail extender kits.

All-Wheel Steer Header Transports

When handling and mobility is of utmost importance, consider the Demco AWS. With a heavy-duty main beam and adjustable top beam for superior strength and flexibility, the AWS comes with torsion axles and LED lighting to ensure safe operation and movement of your bulky combine heads. Available in 32', 38', 42' and 48' variants, the Demco AWS features 7K torsion flex axles in the front and the rear, LED rear tail lights with a 7-pole RV plug, 235/80R16 load range E tires, adjustable tie downs, a 710 telescoping tongue with Clevis and 1" hitch pin, adjustable slider brackets, an adjustable upper support tube, and a carrying capacity of 14,000 lbs. But the secret is the AWS' turning radius, which is 17.5' for the 32' AWS and 21.25' for the 38' AWS. Furthermore, by moving the steering linkages to the side of the main beam, ground clearance has been significantly increased.

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