Side Dump Trailers

Innovative design is one of the hallmarks of Demco success within the side dump marketplace. Get the job done right using a reliable side dump trailer from Demco.

1) Low Center of Gravity - the bottom of the tub sits inside and below the top of the chassis frame rails

  • Stability when pulling and cornering and the tires stay grounded when dumping
  • Reduces the risk of tipping over the trailer during the dump cycle without sacrificing the proper dump angle and creates a lower loading height.


2) 3 Pivot points on each side of the trailer the tub rotates on

  • It evenly distributes the pressure of the dump
  • Improves the stability and longevity of your trailer


3) The only trailers you can change directions right form the driver's side

  • You cannot accidentally unlatch all four corners of the tub at once. This action could cause considerable expense or safety issues by wrecking the tub, cylinder, or even dump on the wrong side than originally intended


4) The trademarked FlexCorner design allows for flexibility to maintain the structural integrity of the tub and eliminates cracking of the welds

  • The corners allow the trailer to flex between the main corners and the G-Rail when transporting and dumping
  • The flex at the corners are like shock absorbers and eliminate the need for added welds and repair


5) Faster unloading
The Demco SD have cylinders located at each end of the tub. The design can speed up cycle time

6) CORSOL® corrosion solutions

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