Nitrogen Applicators

Where & When It Counts

Corn grows very rapidly in the latter stages of life, particularly after the V8 stage. Because of this rapid growth, corn requires a large amount of nitrogen during this period. Sidedressing with a J&M NitroGro™ allows you to apply the nitrogen where and when it is needed most, next to the root and during the V6 plant stage. More nitrogen is absorbed by the plant and less is wasted into the ground, water or air. J&M offers two different NitroGro models to fit your application needs. NitroGro applicators for corn can also be set up for use in a variety of other applications. J&M also offers their own optional award winning Para-Linkage coulters to keep the nitrogen at a consistent depth. Call (419) 375-2376 to discuss custom row set‑ups.

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