32 Series X Tended Reach Dual Auger

Dual Auger Carts with the Advantages of a Single Auger Cart

J&M's 32 Series Dual Auger X‑Tended Reach Grain Carts take dual auger designs to the next level by combining all the advantages of a single auger front folding design with the low profile of a dual auger grain cart. The upper auger utilizes a three‑position upper auger design. The "Storage Position" keeps the upper auger within the footprint of the tires/tracks for narrow storage and transport. The "Field Position" keeps stress off the auger hinge during field operations and keeps the spout out of the mud and dirt. The "Unload Position" extends out to give the grain cart operator maximum upward, outward and forward reach during unloads. The X‑Tended Reach design provides greater upward, outward and forward reach for superior operator visibility and reduced fatigue.

The patented hydraulic flow control spout on the 32 Series Dual Auger X-Tended Reach Grain Cart allows the operator to precisely place grain across the trailer. The Side‑Shooter design positions the spout perpendicular to the trailer so all four corners can be easily filled! The telescoping spout features a three‑part design that extends outward for maximum side reach and retracts when in the downward position to maintain maximum unloading height. Each of the three sections can be easily removed or added to offer multiple combinations of height and reach to fit your particular unloading need. The patented telescoping Side‑Shooter Flow Control Spout allows for precision placement of the grain while unloading, reducing the chance of spilling and ensuring an easy and complete fill of the trailer every time.

Smooth Transition

Less Maintenance...More Dependable

Many competitor dual auger grain carts move grain from the tank to the unload auger in three directions. First, the grain is moved horizontally across the floor of the tank. Second, the grain is dropped downward into a sump. Third, the grain is severely redirected into the unload auger. This increases the potential to damage grain and decreases unloading efficiency.

However, J&M's dual auger design places the vertical unloading auger inside the tank and at the base of the horizontal auger, eliminating the need for a sump. Because the unloading auger extends towards the tractor cab, not at a perpendicular angle towards the side, the redirection and damaging of grain is minimized and the unloading process is more efficient.

Low Profile

Easier to reach, More to see

J&M's 32 Series X‑Tended Reach Dual Auger Grain Cart offers the lowest profile on the market. The combine side height, depending on your model will range from 9'9" to 11'3", providing maximum clearance for the combine auger and a lower center of gravity for added stability over uneven terrain.

Direct Drive Design

Less Maintenance...More Dependable

Typical dual auger grain carts utilize costly belts, sprockets or pulleys that cause problems and increase maintenance expense. The 32 Series Dual Auger X-Tended Reach Grain Cart features a powerful direct drive design with dual gearboxes to maximize unload efficiency and performance, year after year.

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