4-Wheel Steer Series

4-Wheel Steer Header Transports

4-Wheel Steer Series transports are built low for more clearance while loading and unloading your head. Heavy duty components allow for a 16,500 lbs net carrying capacity. Choose from 32, 38, 42, 48 or 52 foot long upper bar options to suit your farming needs. The 4-Wheel Steer Series header transports are the perfect choice when you need to turn sharper, while still carrying large, heavy heads to and from the field.

Sharp Turns? No Problem!

The sharper turning radius helps you navigate the tightest turns with less stress. Choose from either a 15',  17' or 18' turning radius.

Designed for

John Deere HD and RD Draper Heads
Specifically designed for the John Deere HD draper heads, the 4WS15-HD, 4WS17-HD & 4WS18-HD header transports use a 4” x 8” steel upper bar and more saddles to support the multiple header sections. The hinged tongue prevents the header transport tongue from damaging the gauge wheel on the header and allows the operator to transport the header without removing the gauge wheel.

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