LC Series Speed Tenders

LC – Larger Capacity: LC Series SpeedTenders feature a larger capacity AND a lower overall height. This is accomplished by supporting the conveyor from above the tank with a patented support arm. Other seed tenders support the conveyor from below which decreases capacity and adds to the overall height.

LC– Lower Center of Gravity: The lower overall height allows you to carry more seed with a lower center of gravity making it easier to fill and more stable while traveling over uneven terrain.

LC– Longer Conveyor: The extra long 22' conveyor with large diameter round tube belt design makes it easy to reach the tallest central fill and widest box row planters. The conveyor also rotates 180° for easy self‑filling.

LC– Luxury Controls: Standard luxury controls on all J&M LC Series SpeedTenders allow the operator to easily place the conveyor into the unload or self-fill positions and gives greater flexibility when using the conveyor as a stand alone unit to unload adjacent gravity wagons.


Their Upgrades...Our Standards

Compare Apples to Apples

Seed Tenders should be designed to make your job easier and more efficient, saving you time and money during planting season. So why then do many manufacturers equip their standard tenders with bare bone features that will require a visit to your chiropractor? Do you really want to crank a winch to manually raise and lower the conveyor or swing the conveyor from side to side by hand? Doesn’t a smaller, slower auger with less unloading height and reach slow you down and make your job more difficult? Why have standard features that make your job more difficult?

J&M LC Series SpeedTenders are premium bulk seed tenders designed to make your planting season EFFICIENT AND EASY. That is why we've included many of the competitor's upgrades into our standard seed tender models. Don’t be fooled by competitor lower prices, as it’s probably not an "apples to apples" comparison.


Patented V-Belt Conveyor Reduces Seed Damage and Maintenance

The unique conveyor design features a patented V-guided belt that is positioned in a recessed portion of the end rollers to ensure the belt remains centered, reducing the need for adjustment and minimizing the chance of seed damage, premature wear and added maintenance expense. Because the Tru‐Trak belt consistently stays in alignment, the skirting at the top of the conveyor can be designed with a more precise fit that reduces the potential for seed damage and collecting debris in the clean-out area.

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