3 Section Models

Torsion‑Flex Soil Conditioners

Designed to Perform, Built to Last

Flex your muscles the next time you’re working ground with a J&M torsion‑flex soil conditioner. The double basket design features a torsion‑flex arm that maintains proper ground tension and allows the basket to flex over uneven terrain. The result is a more consistent performance that levels and finishes the soil in one pass...preparing a more uniform seed bed composed of finer soil at planting depth to help retain proper moisture and large particles on top to reduce crusting.

Double Twist Baskets

The Double Twist™ baskets by J&M feature a 2‑to‑1 slat design, providing ultimate ground contact for smoother rolling. This reduces the chance of "wash boarding" and prepares the field for maximum seed to soil contact and germination. The flat end and open center design reduces the chance of rock, mud and debris build-up. The heavy‑duty 13" or 16" baskets are made with tall, ⅜" thick steel slats for maximum durability.

Torsion‑Flex Support Design

The offset dual basket design creates unequal downward pressure between the front and rear baskets. With less downward pressure, the front basket works the top of the soil and allows the baskets to "walk over" rocks and foreign debris and reduce the chance of washboarding, while the rear basket more aggressively penetrates the soil for maximum conditioning, residue and chemical mixing.

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