SXR/SXL Crossfire Series

The New Meyer Crossfire Series V-Spreader combines the technology and performance of our Industrial Series models into a smaller configuration to give you maximum performance in the 260 - 540 bushel range.   Our unique Rear Discharge System is unlike all others, incorporating a pantented rear discharge system with two shaft-driven vertical expellers for premium spread performance.  The expellers are fed by an aggressive 3-auger system which powers through pack manure, semi solids, sand sludge, slurry, litter, biosolids, and certain lime and compost products.  Rear Discharge keeps your tractor and spreader clean while maximizing the value of the product you are applying - it just makes sense!  THE NEW CROSSFIRE MODELS REPLACE THE FORMER V-MAX & V-FORCE MODELS - get ready to be impressed with a superior spread pattern.

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