• Most popular bale accumulator system sold by Norden Mfg.
  • 10 bales arranged flat with their string side down, 4 bales wide/2 bales long and two tie bales turned sideways to the rest of the group.
  • Handles bales from 32” to 36” in length
  • 10-bale grouping is well-suited for small farms, compatible with a smaller loader because its lighter weight is under the maximum weight requirement of a grabber
  • Bundles fill a 7.5’ wagon from one side to the other, and the tie row allows for cross-stacking with the KN510F Tie-Grabber or the 510F Grabber, making loads more stable on wagons and in trucks
  • Bundle dimensions are 72”- 76” wide by 86”- 94” long



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