Berlon Attachments SKLGR-78

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  • 3/8” thick ribs spaced 3” apart, are fully welded on both sides
  • (2) 1-1/4” solid steel rods run through the ribs and are welded for greater structural integrity
  • Cylinders - 3,000 lb., 2.5” bore
  • Deep-well rock dam keeps material in place while your are transporting or picking up more material
  • Fully welded leading edge
  • Dual, independent claws
  • Scrap ends, hoses & couplers, hose saver and needle valve included



  • Bolt-On Ends


Model SKLGR-78
Inside Dimension (in.) 78
Outside Dimension (in.) 79.5
"A" Height (in.) 21
"B" Depth (in.) 42
"C" Angle (deg.) 70 Degree angle
"D" Grapple Opening (in.) 34.5
Weight (lbs.) 1278
Space between Tines (in.) 3
Tine Thickness (in.)  3/8"
HD Package N/A
Inlcudes MPUF-1HD Universal mounting plate. Other options available.  

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