Berlon Attachments SPLP-10-OS

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  • Curved moldboard to create rolling action
  • Adjustable wear shoes included
  • Pullback bracket included
  • 5-1/2" – 9-1/2" oscillation (end to end measurement)
  • Yellow paint is standard, but can be ordered in black if specified
  • Optional steel edge (pullback)
  • Optional rubber edge (pullback)


Low Profile Snow Pusher (Model No.) SPLP-10-OS
Weight (lbs.) 1,400
Width (ft.) 10
Height (in.) 34
Replaceable Rubber Edge (in.) 1.5X10
Mount MPUF-1
RE-5 Optional pullback 1.5" x 10" x 5' Edge
RE-6 Optional pullback 1.5" x 10" x 6' Edge
RE-8 (65 lbs.) Optional 1.5"x10"x8' Rubber Edge
RE-10 (80 lbs.) Optional 1.5"x10"x10' Rubber Edge
BOCE-72 (120 lbs.) Optional 3/4"x8'x72" Bolt-On Cutting Edge
BOCE-96 (150 lbs.) Optional 3/4"x8'x96" Bolt-On Cutting Edge
BOCE-120 (185 lbs.) Optional 3/4"x8'x120" Bolt-On Cutting Edge

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