Berlon Attachments Low Profile Bucket

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  • 3/16” thick steel body
  • 3/4” x 6” weld-on cutting edge with holes
  • Radius kick-out plate for added strength and easy clean-out
  • Reinforcement tube across back of bucket for added strength
  • Bucket bottom includes a heavy-duty dimple plate *A Berlon Exclusive*



  • Bolt-On Cutting Edge
  • Bolt-On Rake Tooth Edge
  • Spill Guard
  • Bolt-On HD Teeth (Factory Installed Only)
  • Bolt-On Side Cutters
  • Bolt-On Tooth Bar
  • Bolt-On Tooth Bar, Over Bolt-On Edge
  • Change back angle add $125.00


Berlon TractorBktsSpecsY24

Berlon LPbucket+capacity 1920w

How to Determine Bucket Capacity

The amount of material a bucket can carry is determined as struck (level) capacity and heaped capacity. The heaped capacity is the actual cubic feet. The following formulas are used to determine capacities and will help you compare the capacity of various buckets.


To calculate cubic feet of a bucket:

1: Measure from the top of the bucket straight down to the bottom in inches = Height

2: Measure from the front of the floor to the back in inches = Depth

3: Height x Depth ÷ 2 x Width = Cubic Inches ÷ 1,728 = Struck Capacity (Cubic Feet)


To calculate heaped capacity of a bucket:

For B, BEL, BELHD, UT, CCT, BEC, MIB, & MIBEL series buckets: Cubic Feet ÷ 3 = Heaped Amount + Cubic Feet = Heaped Capacity

For UTHB, FMX, HCSB, HVMB, CAL, & MISLMB series buckets: Cubic Feet ÷ 2.5 = Heaped Amount + Cubic Feet = Heaped Capacity


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