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Recommended Tine Setup for Round or Square
When moving round bales, a Conus II 44” or 49” tine is typically used on the top depending on how thick the bale is. Remember, the diameter is not the thickness of the bale.

For the bottom tines it is important to be asked whether or not the customer/operator will be using this carriage to dump bales into a Bale Feeder, TubGrinder, or TMR mixer. If so, it is mandatory that (2) Conus I 40” tines are used as stabilizers. When moving or stacking bales, the Conus I 32.4” may be used as stabilizers.

When moving square bales, (3) Conus I 32.4” tines are adequate to pick up two bales at a time. Normally all three tines are located across the bottom of the carriage. Remember that 32.4” is the overall length of the tine including the threads

The Conus I 40” tines used for square bales are typically too long. They may stick through the side of the bale and put holes in things such as sheds, barns, semi, or wagon tires


  • 4-sided tapered tine design enables tines to slip into and retract from dense bales easily
  • Small end of sleeve is counter-sunk for nut


Berlon ConusTinesSpecs 2022

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