Dawn 1901

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The spoked rim design allows soil to flow through the wheel in wet conditions. It also greatly simplifies the clearing of debris from between the gauge wheel and the opener blades.

It employs a durable, two-piece, pressed steel rim assembly and high quality SKF bearings.

This narrow design is great for no tillers and strip tillers, even when the mud clearing features are not as critical, because it allows the planter to run on a clear path.

In strip-till there is a potential for the profile of the strip to sink down. The outside edge of the gauge wheel runs on untilled ground, and affects planter height.

In no-till situations, particularly on 20” rows, these wheels make it much easier for the gauge wheels to run on a cleared path behind the row cleaner.

In general, no-tillers with central fill planters will almost always find improved performance from the narrow gauge wheels.


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