Dawn 1572 Combination

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The patented Dawn 1572 Coulter Combination Unit cuts residue first, then clears the sized residue out the full width path of the planter units gauge wheels. You won't plug with residue, and as the coulter exits the ground, downward traveling Trashwheels remove any buildup on the blade.

*1572-RH-Ripple Mount shown with 1130A-12.75 Trashwheels

1572 3

Selecting the Right Coulter & Trashwheels

It is important to carefully consider what the most appropriate type of coulters and Trashwheels are for your planter. The image to the left is a line drawing of the different types of coulters we offer. In general, we recommend only as much "tilling" as is absolutely necessary. Most 1572's are equipped with ripple blades. The ripple is the best blade for cleanly cutting residue, without hairpinning.











Dawn12.75TW Dawn 14TW

Dawn 12.75" Trashwheel

The 12.75" Trashwheel Row Cleaner has a swept-back tooth. It works very well in a wide variety of tillage conditions. This wheel allows residue and clods to slough off as the teeth exit the ground. It also prevents wrapping when running no-till into wheat stubble. The John Deere 1770NT, 1780, 1790, DeereBauer, White 8000 series planters have limited clearance for planter attachments, you will have to use the 12.75" wheels for those planters. The majority of 1572's are equipped with the 12.75" Trashwheels.

Dawn 14" Trashwheel

This is the orginal Dawn Drop-Forged Alloy Steel Trashwheel. The 14" Trashwheel Row Cleaner is designed to aggressively bite into trash, and is commonly used in a no-till or min-till environment. Due to the geometry of some larger planters, you may not be able to use the 14" Trashwheels on your 1572 combo. John Deere 7200, 1700-1760, post-1993 Kinze, and White 6000 series planters can all use the 14" Trashwheel. Please feel free to call us with questions about the most appropriate Trashwheel for your planter.


1572 Configurations


Dawn 1572RC 12.75  Dawn 1572RC 14TW Dawn 1572 25Wave 
Dawn 1572 25Wave 14TW Dawn 1572 13Wave  Dawn 1572 13Wave 14TW
Dawn 1572 8Wave Dawn 1572 8Wave 14TW Dawn 1500 8Wave
Dawn 1520 8Wave


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