Dawn Pneumatic

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Powerful at Less Cost
The GFX-P uses the same frame mounted, trailing arm geometry and generates the same down force as the hydraulic GFX Row Cleaner.

Simple, In-Cab Adjustment
As with the hydraulic GFX, the GFX-P employs a simple in-cab pressure regulator. Adjust your row cleaners quickly as you move from one field condition to another. The GFX drop-forged yolk, wish-bone support arms, and hubs carry the same multi-year warranty as the hydraulic GFX. Note: Unlike the GFX hydraulic actuator, the pneumatic actuator does not carry our standard multi-year warranty.

Already own a pneumatic row cleaner system?
If you already own a remote adjust row cleaner, such as the Precision Planting Clean Sweep®, you may order the Gfx less our heavy-duty air cylinder, and install your existing air cylinder directly into the arm assembly of the Gfx. Additionally, you may also order the Gfx less Trashwheels, so that you can use your existing row cleaners, such as the Yetter SharkTooth®. These options allow you to tailor the Gfx unit to your needs, while preserving the advantages of the trailing-arm frame mounted design.

Simple Pneumatic Regulator
This easy to use pnuematic regulator RAM mounts in the tractor cab. A switch on the side lets air into either the UP or DOWN regulator. Turn the knob above the desired regulator to increase or decrease system pressure.


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