Degelman 4600/5700

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  • Available in 9ft, 10ft, 12ft & 14ft widths. (Note: Larger blade widths may not be compatible will all tractors)
  • Compatible with all 2WD, front-wheel- assist tractors and wheel loaders.
  • 18° two-way hydraulic angling on 2WD and front-wheel-assisted tractors.
  • 23” hydraulic lifting height.


  • Attaches in minutes with D-lock® Quick-Tach.
  • Unique-mounting design.
  • No welding: minimal bolt-on brackets only.
  • Integrated front weight bracket.


  • Double-skin blade construction.
  • Degelman industrial-strength cylinders.
  • Reversible, adjustable AR400 skid shoes.
  • Ripple-formed blade.


Range of Motion

4-Way: Hydraulic Lift & Angle

One Person, No Tools
65-275 HP 4600/5700 Series

The 4600 and 5700 Series hydraulic angle blade attaches to both front-wheel assist and two-wheel drive tractors.


Dozer Series 4600/5700
Tractor Horsepower Range 65-275 HP
Tractor Type 2WD & FWA
Blade Widths Available 9', 10', 12', 14'
Blade Weight 2050-2950 lbs
Blade Height (standard) 33"
Blade Height (with top extension) 40"
Blade Height (with silage extension 57"
Lifting Height (approximate) 23"
Lift Cylinders 3 1/2" x 8"
Hydraulic Angle 18º/30º
Ange Cylinders 3" x 16"
Hydraulic Vertical Tilt n/a
Tilt Cylinders n/a
Cutting Edge (MaxTemp Steel) 5/8" x 6"
Digging Depth 6" to 10"
Skid Shoes (abrasion resistant) Standard Adjustment
Mounting System - D-lock® D-lock® Quick-Tach
Mounting Location Rear Axle/Mid-mount
Mouldboard (ripple formed blade) 3/16"

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