Degelman 66/69/7200

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They are tough.

We have manufactured literally thousands of these blades and have never had one come back. If you want a proven blade for your high-horsepower, 4WD tractor, this is where your search ends. We have an arsenal of tilt, lift and hydraulic or manual angle options available, so you can choose what's best for the jobs you do every day.

Regardless of what you select, each of these blades are backed by the Degelman quality standards we set for all our blades-from our industrial-strength cylinders, to the double-skin construction of the blades for extra toughness. Whatever choice you make, it's a clear quality winner.

Standard Industrial Strength Features

When you choose a Degelman dozer blade, you're choosing quality at every level. So, with the 6600, 6900 and the 7200 series, the following industrial-strength features are standard:

  • Available in 12ft, 14ft & 16ft widths. *
  • The most robust blade in the industry.
  • Industrial-strength design.
  • Compatible with all 4WD tractors.


  • Attaches in minutes with D-lock® Quick-Tach.
  • No welding: minimal bolt-on brackets.
  • Double-skin blade construction.


One Person, No Tools
200-500 HP 66/69/7200 Series

Compatible with today’s high horse-power 4-wheel drive tractors, this series handles the most challenging jobs on your farm.

Difference of Models

6600-Manual Angle
6900-Hydraulic Angle
7200-Hydraulic Angle & Hydraulic Tilt


Dozer Series 66/69/7200
Tractor Horsepower Range 200-500 HP
Tractor Type 4WD
Blade Widths Available 12', 14', 16'
Blade Weight 3365-5055 lbs
Blade Height (standard) 38"
Blade Height (with top extension) 45"
Blade Height with silage extension) 62"
Lifting Height (approximate) 25"
Lift Cylinders 3" (or 3 1/2") x 16"
Hydarulic Angle 18º (6600 manual angle)
Angle Cylinders 4" x 25 1/2"
Hydraulic Vertical Tilt 13º (7200 Model)
Tilt Cylinders 4" x 8" (7200 Model)
Cutting Edge (MaxTemp Steel) 5/8" x 6"
Digging Depth 8" to 12"
Skid Shoes (abrasion resistant) Standard Adjustment
Mounting System - D-lock® HQT
Mounting Location Front 4WD Mount
Mouldboard (ripple formed blade) 3/16"

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