Degelman SIDEARM® 1820

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Heavy-Duty Hitch

The Sidearm® is equipped with a standard, heavy-duty V-Clamp compatible to more than 30 different makes and models of tractor drawbars.


A blade carrier that is tight, tough and safe. Plate of 3/4 inch steel that is four times thicker than most pans. Four-blade mounting locations utilize exclusive square and tapered bolt to eliminate movement.

Drive Straight. Straight Drive.

To increase the life of the Sidearm even more, all our drive shafts are in-line to each other. This design features significantly reduces the wear and tear of the componenets and ensures a direct transfer of power without wearing drive train components. As the cutter is always directly in-line with the Sidearm's output shaft, the life expectancy of the input drive of the cutter is extended exponentially. This increases the versatility of of the eqiupment and keeps everything straight no matter what direction the unit is going in. The two vertical cross-joints also absorb any misalignment or deviation from 90 degrees. These extras mean the Sidearm goes farther, lasts longer, and take take on practically anything put in its path.

Over-Sized Frame

It’s made up of quarter-inch steel and 8”x12” hollow-structural tubing. It’s big. It’s wide. And it’s strong.

Easy Maintenance

All driveline bearings and cross-joints are easy to service. Drivelines are in-line and designed for handling misalignment and therefore require less servicing. Parts are easily replaceable such as spindles that can be removed with just one bolt. The frame swivel points and wheel axle are sandwiched between two layers of low wear composite for smooth operation and easy maintenance.

Reduced Tractor Maintenance

Long term, uneven operation is hard on a tractor's transmission and engine lubrication. By remaining level and out of the ditch, tractor's last longer. Less vibration, and less damaged tires and rims.

Quick Connections

Quick disconnect features are standard throughout the Sidearm®, including a quick disconnect coupler in between the gearboxes. We include three sets of hoses that can be adapted easily to a four-hose arrangement if needed. And switching from one wing to the other can be done at the touch of a switch.

High Horsepower Gearboxes

Our gearboxes are made right here in Canada using a splined shaft design versus a keyway. The splined shaft increases the surface area of all contact points for increased strength, power transfer and life expectancy. To go even further, we use gearboxes with a 1:1 ratio - the maximum strength that can be extracted from a gearbox.

Back Up With Ease

Signs. fence posts...culverts...if operators find themselves in a tight spot, the Sidearm® gives them the maneuverability to back up easily and get out quickly.

High Carbon Shafting

We use cold-rolled, high carbon hex shafting for maximum torque transmission. To increase the ease of maintenance, we designed the shafting and the bearings as one sub-assembly. That means they're both contained in the same tray. If long term servicing is required, the entire bearing tray can be pulled out.

A Better Cut

When the tractor’s on the road, it’s not pressing down the grass making it harder to lift and cut. Using the Sidearm® means all the grass is cut evenly without patches or strips.

Reduced Operator Fatigue

Drive level and smooth. By being straight on the road and out of the ditch, the operator also benefits from increased visibility and full command over the cutter.

Stay Hooked Up

With the Sidearm® there’s no need to unhook the move from mowing offset to straight. It can remain hooked up as the Sidearm® can cut straight behind the tractor or from side to side easily.


Model SA1820
Height 6'
Width 9' - 8"
Length 22'-6"
Weight 3600 lbs
Main Frame 8" x 12" x 1/4"
Hydraulic Cylinder: 2-1/2" x 16" x 1-1/2"
Gear Box 1:1 Ratio
Drive Shaft: 1-1/2" Hex Bar
Angling Maximum 50° Left or Right
Offset 166" Drawbar Center to Cutter Center
Pivoting Points Protected by Nylon Bushing/Discs
PTO Requirements 1,000 RPM
Tires 16.5 x 16.1 All Terrain
Hitch Swivel Type
Hitch Weight 1,250 lbs
Hitch Weight (with Degelman mower) 450 lbs
Drivelines Weasler Heavy Duty
Shielding Easy Swing Away

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