Degelman M34

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Rock Bypass System (RBS)

Up until now, all spreaders in the world employ beaters made from some variation of a helical or auger shape. This inherently rigid design is always vulnerable to rock damage and high maintenance costs. The Degelman ROCK BYPASS SYSTEM (RBS), the heart of the M series, is nothing short of revolutionary. Five rows of free-swing flails, not only collapse upon stone impact, but will exceed expectations for throw distance, durability and even distribution pattern.

Degelman manure spreaders cut and tear material, drop heavier crumbled material to the next lower set of paddles for final processing and discharges material over 60 feet.

Hammerhead Paddle Technology

How do you build the best manure spreader in the world? Start with Degelman, renowned for building legendary equipment for the past 50 years. The design is unmistakably Degelman. After five years of design, development, and intensive testing, Degelman introduces the most rugged spreaders available - the Degelman M Series.

From the ground up, these machiens have been designed with rocks in mind, from its proprietary retractable free-swing flails, super duty gearbox, smooth sidewalls, and heavy-duty frame - to its clean gate opening.

Hard Chrome Plated Pin

Simply the best corrosion resistance available in a hard chrome plated bar. Stelmi chrome plated bars can be produced with an increasing range of cost effective corrosion resistance (neutral salt spray testing to a 9 minimum rating). Our superior corrosion resistance stems purely from the plating process; Stelmi uses no "waxes" or other coatings that can be used to temporarily enhance corrosion resistance.

Our Premium Double-Lip Seal

Press-fit installation prevents O.D. contamination while the additional sealing lip works in conjunction with Parker rod seals to provide redundant sealing for leakage reduction.

Polygon Composite Bushing

Polygon bearings offer long lasting durability. During extensive testing, both in the laboratory and out in the field, Polygon composite bearings have routinely outperformed metal-backed and metallic bearings, while costing substantially less. Because Polygon composite compoments are inherently noncorrosive, they keep equipment operating efficiently under even the harshest weather conditions.

Forged Tip

USM scientifically developed forged tips are especially compounded from the best wear resistant steel and then heat treated to our specifications. Long wearing tungsten carbide infused hard faced welds are then applied by machine for a uniform placement to specific areas.

Superior Distribution Pattern

Distribution and throw distance is unrivalled with Degelman. Fine pulverized material is spread over 60 feet with secondary field passes normally not required. Hydraulic Push Off systems, however, compress manure as it is unloaded. This compression rate changes as less material is available for offloading resulting in inconsistent field distribution patterns.

Commercial operators have long known that a good chain floor drag system will spread material more evenly and is more reliable. These machines pull the material to the beaters with dual ¾” pre-stretched 100,000+ lb breaking strength marine grade drag chain and the Degelman RBS takes care of the rest.


Model M34
Spread Width 60'- 80'
Unloading Time 100 sec
Horsepower (ideal) 225+ hp
Dry Weight 23,000 lbs
Hitch Weight 875 lbs
Capacity 34 t (2,000 lbs/yd3)
 Capacity 34 yd3
 Capacity 26 m3
 Capacity 918 ft3
Loading Height 8'-6"
Inside Width 6'-6"
Inside Length 23'
Hydraulic Pressure 2,700 psi
Hydraulic Flow 25 gpm
PTO 1000 rpm, 1-3/4" - 20 Spline
Tires (standard) Alliance 650/55R26.5
Tires (optional) Muckmaster 750/60R26
Flails Max Life Replaceable Carbide Tip

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