Degelman PC28

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Whether you’re seeding or applying herbicides, the Degelman Pro-Cast is designed to deliver an accurate spread of product in any kind of field conditions.

The Pro-Cast includes state of the art features including a Non-Pressurized tank, Isobus controls and a simple, accurate metering system that is designed to make granular application, and cover crop seeding safer and more efficient than ever.

Introducing the Pro-Cast 28 granular applicator. The Pro-Cast 28 is a high performance tool that excels in seeding cover crops or pasture, such as grass, alfalfa or hay. In addition to cover crops, large seed and small seed blends can be planted, including annual ryegrass, cereal rye and wheat.

Compatible with the 20 and 26 ft Pro-Till High performance tillage tool, the Pro-Cast 28 offers a 28.2 cu ft/22.7 bushel hopper volume, which gives you the capacity to keep you in the field longer.


Seeds are fed from the seed tank via the electrically controlled seeding shaft into the air duct. Here, the seeds are conveyed by air support through plastic hoses to the dispersion plates, and then evenly distributed close to the soil. This process allows for precise seeding even in windy conditions.

Versatile Tank Design

  • Easy filling - large hopper opening for big bag filling
  • Reversible hopper cover


Model PC28
Capacity 28.2 cu ft/22.7 bushel hopper volume
Max Application Rate 168 lbs/acre @ 10mph (20ft Pro-Till)
Working Width 9 - 39.4 ft with electric fan, 16 outlets
Dimensions 49.2" H x 39.4" W x 67" D
Unit Includes Tank, Screen, 2 Seed Rollers, (Fine Blend & Coarse), Cab Monitor, Cable Extensions & 600 FT of Granular Hose)

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