Degelman Scorpion Hitch

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The Degelman Pro-Till already offers one of the most versatile discs in the industry. Add one more thing to the list of things you can accomplish with your Pro-Till. With the Scorpion High Speed Applicator Hitch, you can put down seed, work in fertilizer or do both at the same time. In ideal conditions, an air drill or planter is still going to be the first choice for many growers, but for wet seasons where getting your seed in the ground in adverse conditions and in a short window is proving challenging, the Scorpion Hitch for Pro-Till makes a great back-up plan.


Width 51- 1/2"
Weight 3100 lbs
Height 127 -1/2"
Length 253 - 1/2"
Frame 4" x 8"x 3/8"
Hydraulic Cylinder 4" x 56" x 2-1/2" Rod
Tow Capacity 50,000 lbs
Detachable Yes
Currently Fits PTL33, PTL40

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