Degelman Trugrade

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Continuous Angle System

The Trugrade features a Continuous Angle System with a hydraulic angle capacity of 37 degrees to 40 degrees.

This unique feature allows the angle to stay the same no matter the frame offset and ensures the angle of the blade will always be the same in respect to the axle of the machine and tractor.

The continuous angle design ensures the angle of the blade will always be the same in respect to the axle of the machine (and tractor). This is different from a traditional pull dozer design which always maintains the blade angle with respect to the hitch.

In that traditional design, the offset of the hitch will either add angle to or subtract angle from the blade as the blade is offset in either direction. The Degelman TruGrade can maintain its hydraulic angle of 37° -40° no matter the offset.

The Continuous Angle System makes operating the machine at various angles easier and truly sets the TruGrade apart from the competition:

  • Ability to keep blade angle constant as the blade is offset either way.
  • No need to adjust two hydraulic circuits as blade is offset
  • No loss of angle when offsetting hitch in direction that blade is angled
  • Allows the machine to be offset further without diminishing effects on blade angle.


No need to adjust tilt every time angle is changed like other machines

  • Tilt always stays where set.
  • Easier to operate, no need for tilt indicator.


Trugrade positions




trugrade capacity

TruGrade is designed for industry best capacity

The tallest pull type bulldozer blade on the market is designed to move more material per pass

Angle cylinders behind mouldboard avoids the mess of angle cylinders at the top of the blade and forcing angle forces to travel up through the mouldboard

Less Structure required at top of blade and better capacity as formed mouldboard holds more material

Square tube at top of blade disrupts flow of material and decreases effective capacity of the blade










degelman trugrade cutting edge

Reversible Cutting Edge

The Degelman TruGrade is one of the few pull type bulldozer blades to offer a reversible cutting edge

  • Greatly reduces stress on bottom 1/3 of mouldboard while still providing equivalent wearable material as non-reversible
  • Reversible cutting edge provides plenty of wearable material with the ability to flip once one side worn.
  • This allows you to quickly and easily flip cutting edge if one side damaged, and no replacement handy
  • Double break at bottom of mouldboard perfectly recesses cutting edge for smooth flow of material. Keeps material from piling on top of cutting edge








Additional Features Include:


NARROW TRANSPORT MODE- Additional set of lugs to the back of the blade give you the ability to switch the machine into narrow transport mode



Blade Width 16'
Blade Height 34"
Weight 6,510 lbs
Concrete Weight 9,010 lbs
Blade Clearance 30"
Transport Width 8'-6"
Transport Length 24'-1"
Hydraulic Angle 37°- 40°
Hydraulic Tilt 15°
Reversible Cutting Edge 5/8" x 6"
True Greaseless Technology Standard
Flip Over End Plates Standard

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