Three Point Sprayers


Commonly used in horticulture and agriculture, 3-point sprayers are named as such because they connect to the 3-point hitch on your tractor. A 3-point sprayer is capable of handling a variety of spraying applications. Due to their size and capability, 3-point sprayers are great for larger fields, pastures, crop fields, large lawns, golf courses and athletic fields, just to name a few applications. But if you're shopping for a 3-point sprayer, it's important to know that there are three main hitch types, so you'll have to get the right one for your tractor before you'll be able to get some work done -- otherwise you'll have a complicated and potentially costly return on your hands.

About Our 3-Point Sprayers

Most 3-point sprayers utilize your tractor's PTO, or power take-off, which is basically a way for your tractor to use its horsepower to run the sprayer's pump. For sprayers that use the PTO, they'll also have a roller pump, which enables you to spray harsher materials like glyphosphate, the main ingredient in the weed killer Roundup. Additionally, 3-point sprayers come with a variety of booms and boom styles, and some have boomless nozzles that shoot material up and out for a wider coverage area. From the low end of a small, 50-gallon tank, 3-point sprayers can have tanks that are huge -- up to hundreds of gallons, and the largest of them top 1,000 gallons for the biggest of jobs. No matter your application or need, Demco 3-point tanks give you the right capacity and sprayers you need to get your day's work done. And because it's a Demco product, you can rest assured that you'll have many years of faithful service when you go Demco.

High Quality Rear Tractor Mounts

RM Series are high-quality sprayers that are perfect for spot spraying or spraying smaller fields and pastures. RMLE Series sprayers are an excellent choice to be your primary sprayer or a secondary sprayer to go with your self-propelled unit.

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