Demco 1000 Gallon SideQuest Fertilizer Tanks for 40" Wide Row Applications

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Demco SideQuest saddle tanks systems are the industry leader. The 1000 Gallon SideQuest consists of two 500 gallon high capacity side mount tanks for 40" row spacing. The SideQuest mounting design and location provide excellent operator visibility, reduce stress to the tractor, and deliver performance for your farming operation.

SideQuest is the product to consider when applying fertilizer when planting. Add a Demco 3 point mounted boom for efficient, cost effective spraying. Demco SideQuest is a high quality, unique product designed to help improve efficiency and effectiveness in the field.


  • Two 500 gallon high capacity side mount tanks with 16" fillwell - delivers excellent front to rear weight distribution ratio (25% front: 75% rear)
  • Extended rear axle spindle mount allows weight to be shifted to the rear relieving stress on the tractor’s front axle and chassis
  • Units will fit on tractors with or without front duals (rear duals are required)
  • Tanks are mounted longitudinal for superb visibility
  • Transport width - 30" Row Spacing (16'11") when straddle duals are set on 120” centers
  • Transport width - 36" Row Spacing (18' 11") when straddle duals are set on 144” centers
  • Transport width - 40” Row Spacing (20’3”)
  • Flanged fittings provide leak free plumbing

NOTE: Tractors with aftermarket dual hubs may require different mounting bolts.
NOTE: Hub spacer assembly is designed for tractors with 520.
NOTE: Front fenders need to be removed on most models.
NOTE: Tractors equipped with Aftermarket LSW tires require a 2nd hub from JD and a spacer ring for hub


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